Academy of Education Journal <p><strong>Diterbitkan oleh Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan Universitas Cokroaminoto Yogyakarta Prodi Pendidikan Pancasila dan Kewarganegaraan (PPKn).</strong></p> Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan en-US Academy of Education Journal 1907-2341 IMPLEMENTATION OF REWARDS IN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN VOCABULARY LEARNING <p>The main focus of this research is the application of rewards in vocabulary learning. The purpose of this study was to determine the application of the reward method by the teacher in learning vocabulary. The researcher used a qualitative approach with a descriptive case study design. Data collection techniques used are observation, interviews, and documentation. To analyze the data, the researcher followed the steps described by Miles &amp; Hubberman. These steps are: data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions/verification. Through this investigation, the researcher found that when applying the reward method in vocabulary learning, the teacher did 6 stages. That is preparing the material, explaining the material, giving questions or games, giving rewards to students who take lessons well and answer questions correctly, providing opportunities to answer questions for students who are not focused, and adjusting the number of questions to the amount of the reward given.</p> Siti Khomsah Mobit Mobit Iwan Ridwan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 14 1 1 9 10.47200/aoej.v14i1.1323 STUDENTS’ PERCEPTION OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF USING GOOGLE CLASSROOM APPLICATION AS AN INTEGRATION OF DISTANCE LEARNING TECHNOLOGY <p>Distance learning during a pandemic like this is enough to make it difficult for some students to participate in learning activities. Google Classroom is an application that can be used as distance learning. Therefore, this study aims to obtain an overview of students’ perceptions of the effectiveness of using the Google Classroom application as an integration of distance learning technology. This research uses a qualitative method. With data collection techniques based on observations, interviews and filling out forms. With involving 30 students who have or are currently using the Google Classroom application as an integration of distance learning technology. The result of the study show that: (1) Students already have the basic facilities needed to participate in distance learning; (2) Distance learning using the Google Classroom application has flexibility in its implementation and is able to create independent learning and motivation to be more active in learning.</p> Annisa Putri Octaviani Ine Rahayu Purnamaningsih ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 14 1 10 19 10.47200/aoej.v14i1.1329 SECONDARY STUDENTS’ PARTICIPATION THROUGH EDMODO IN LEARNING SPEAKING WITH FLIPPED CLASSROOM <p>This study aims to determine the extent to which students understand English learning by using Edmodo in Flipped classroom media. To find out students' experiences in speaking skills, there are many features that can be used or utilized by Edmodo in Flipped classroom. The method used is Narrative inquiry with a qualitative approach. The sample used in this study was only 3 students taken from one class. The data analysis used consisted of data reduction, data display, and conclusion. First, Emodo media is very helpful in the online learning process. With Edmodo media, students can easily access and carry out learning activities, especially discussing speaking skills in the Flipped classroom. Second, for the past 1 year several schools have implemented a flipped classroom system where students are required to take part in online and offline teaching and learning activities. And finally, Edmodo media can make students independent in learning English. Students can learn on their own without the help of a teacher when they understand the use of Edmodo, students can immediately practice their speaking skills with the features available on Edmodo.</p> Marlisha Nisa Fatur Rahma Mansyur Srisudarso Fauzi Miftakh ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 14 1 20 26 10.47200/aoej.v14i1.1341 THE ROLE OF MADRASAH IBTIDAIYAH TEACHER EDUCATION DEPARTMENT STUDENTS (PGMI)-4 UINSU IN COMMUNITY SERVICE TOWARDS THE EDUCATION FIELD AT TANJUNG MULIA <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>Students are the cornerstone of the country’s development. While we are students, we must remember that we have a huge responsibility to contribute to the realization of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education. One of the main pillars of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education is community service. Community service is the direct implementation of science, technology, and cultural arts to the community through scientific methodologies as the dissemination of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education and noble responsibilities in an effort to develop community capabilities, so as to accelerate the growth rate of achieving national development goals. This study is aimed to describe the role of PGMI 4 UINSU students in education field. The PGMI 4 UINSU students work programs in education focus on maghrib mengaji, teaching at MDTA and distributing sirah nabawiyah books. In this study, the researchers used a qualitative approach with observation and description methods. The participants of this study were the children in Tanjung Mulia, particularly MDTA students and local community. The result shows that in terms of education, the children lack of discipline and motivation, so they are possibly find it hard to develop their creativity. In addition, in terms of maghrib mengaji and distributing sirah nabawiyah books, it has been done successfully. Furthermore, students have a role as the facilitators and drivers of programs implementation</em></p> Nurpusfita Sari Lailatussyifa Lailatussyifa Nadia Rahmi Siti Munawaroh Luthfiyah Zulfaini Silalahi Andina Halimsyah Rambe ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 14 1 27 39 10.47200/aoej.v14i1.1352 EXPLORING TEACHERS' PRACTICAL DECISION MAKING IN TERMS OF TEACHING PROCEDURES <p style="font-weight: 400; text-align: justify;">The role of teaching English in senior secondary schools as a component of Indonesian education policy has increased. The curriculum states that the main objectives of English language education are to improve students' basic communication skills, to develop English language, or learning, interests and habits, and to introduce global culture to society. Since language education is based on interpersonal relationships and communication with others, which stem from self-knowledge and understanding, exploring oneself together with oneself can be an important professional in the field. Borg (2003) states that there are several problems related to language education that have not been studied in contact with teacher cognition. This study is about the teacher's consideration in making decisions about teaching procedures. This study uses a qualitative research design to collect data using interviews and observations.</p> <p style="font-weight: 400; text-align: justify;"><strong>Keyword: </strong><em>Decision making, Teachers, Teaching procedures.</em></p> Wulan Samsuri Sumarta Sumarta Acep Bahrum ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 14 1 40 48 10.47200/aoej.v14i1.1356 THE EXPLORATION OF GENRE BASED APPROACH IN TEACHING SPEAKING AT EFL CLASSROOM: A CASE STUDY AT STUDENT HIGH SCHOOL <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>Speaking is a crucial thing in life and the main form of communication. In this era Indonesia using a "Independence Curriculum" as the leads of the academics. Speaking especially conversation, there will be found many obstacles while learning process or even during the practice of speaking in English. Therefore, this article aims to find out the exploration about the method of "Genre Based Approach" to be the answered of the obstacles while learning speaking English by following the curriculum at EFL classroom. The participants of this research were 10 students with the observation and interview techniques.</em></p> Kezia Nathalia Graziella Yogi Setia Samsi Acep Bahrul Kamil ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 14 1 49 58 10.47200/aoej.v14i1.1382 E-READINESS SEBAGAI MODEL EVALUASI E-LEARNING DALAM MENCAPAI E-LEARNING MATURITY <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>In the implementation of an e-learning system, there are many obstacles faced by an organization because there is no careful planning in making an e-learning system. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the level of organizational readiness in implementing e-learning (readiness of e-learning). The BPS Education and Training Center's e-Readiness level is in condition 3, which describes the readiness that needs a lot of improvement. By knowing the e-learning readiness index of an organization, it is hoped that it can be the basis for preparing and improving the e-learning system so that a system with a good level of maturity is expected. Results Based on research at the BPS Education and Training Center, there is a gap in the level of development of e-learning development. The strategy is expected to be obtained through activities contained in the eMM framework and has been confirmed directly by experts.</em></p> Eko Yulian Utama Andri Arjita ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 14 1 59 69 10.47200/aoej.v14i1.1171 HUBUNGAN ANTARA LOCUS OF CONTROL DAN KONSEP DIRI DENGAN KEMATANGAN KARIER SISWA DI SMK VETERAN <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>This study aims to determine how big the relationship between locus of control and self-concept with career maturity of class XI students at SMK Veteran Cirebon City. This study uses a quantitative type by using an ex post facto research design, the sample used in this study was 62 respondents, the sample was taken using purposive non-random sampling. Data collection techniques in this study were carried out by means of observation, questionnaires, and documentation. Then analyzed by using multiple correlation hypothesis test to find out how big the relationship between locus of control and self-concept with students' career maturity. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that the results of the locus of control questionnaire recapitulation of students are 70.98% (good qualification), student self-concept is 75.65% (very good qualification) and student career maturity is 76.58% (very good qualification). The results of the correlation test between X1 and X2 with Y are 0.457 (sufficient correlation) with a significant level of 0.001 &lt;0.05, it can be concluded that Ho is rejected and Ha is accepted, meaning that there is a relationship between locus of control and self-concept with career maturity of class student. XI in the Cirebon City Veterans Vocational High School significantly.</em></p> Siti Faizah Nasehudin Nasehudin Yeti Nurizzati ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 14 1 70 82 10.47200/aoej.v14i1.1335 ANALISIS BUTIR SOAL ULANGAN HARIAN KEMAGNETAN DAN INDUKSI ELEKTROMAGNETIK KELAS IX SMP <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>This study aims to determine the quality of the questions used in the daily tests on magnetism and electromagnetic induction for class IX in junior high school. The number of questions analyzed was 10 multiple-choice questions and 5 essay questions. The analysis technique for the quality of the items was carried out through a quantitative descriptive approach with the criteria for the quality of the questions which included validity, reliability, item discrimination, and the degree of difficulty of the questions which were carried out on 108 students. Through the results of calculations and analysis, data is obtained that all questions are valid and have high reliability, with a PG reliability value of 0.64 and essay reliability of 0.65. The results of the analysis of the degree of difficulty of the 15 PG questions and essays were that there were 3 questions (20%) in the easy category, 11 questions (73.3%) in the moderate category, and 1 item (6.7%) in the difficult category. The discriminating power analysis of 15 PG questions and essays obtained 4 very good questions (26.7%), 7 good questions (46.7%), 3 fairly good questions (20%), and 1 poor question (6.6%).</em></p> Lia Triani Reni Marlina Semuel Riak ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 14 1 83 94 10.47200/aoej.v14i1.1401 MANAJEMEN BERBASIS SEKOLAH: PERUBAHAN SISTEM OFFLINE KE ONLINE PADA MASA COVID-19 <p><em>The existence of the Covid-19 disaster has changed most of the executive orders in schools. Changes in Organizational Behavior in the form of new policies in the field of education to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic have become a standard solution that occurs almost throughout schools. This study explores changes in education management in schools during the covid-19 period. This study uses qualitative research methods. The results showed that the change from an offline system to online learning had triggered the emergence of new things in the field of education management, namely: 1) the form of learning from offline changed to distance learning; 2) accelerated utilization of high technology; and 3) analog learning model became multi-source. In implementing school management policies during the transition period, support from various parties is needed so that everything runs as planned by the school management.</em></p> Ninda Shavera Vista Happy Yana Enung Hasanah Windy Wirdo Ningrum Asy Syifa Dhewi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 14 1 95 106 10.47200/aoej.v14i1.1360 PEMANFAATAN MEDIA SOSIAL DALAM UPAYA MENINGKATKAN PENERIMAAN SISWA BARU DI SMA SWASTA <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>Competition between schools in the world of education is in fact unavoidable. The competition is getting more intense every year given the emergence of many private schools. For private schools, especially at the high school level, the most crucial thing is how to increase public interest, which is expected to have a direct impact on increasing new student admissions at the school. Social media is considered as one of the strategies that has a strong impact in efforts to increase the acceptance of new students in the midst of increasing competition between schools, especially in private high schools which are increasingly emerging lately. This research method is descriptive qualitative. The subjects of this study were 2 people including the head of the new student admissions team in high school, namely the Deputy Head of Public Relations, and the head of a private high school. The object of this research is the school's social media. The results of this study show that various social media are used such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Tiktok. The social benefits in increasing new student admissions are for school promotion media, branding, reaching a wide area more effectively and increasing the interest of prospective students. Social media management must also be considered to maximize the use of social media in increasing new student admissions.</em></p> Alifia Habibah Dian Hidayati ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 14 1 107 123 10.47200/aoej.v14i1.1298 ANALISIS PELAKSANAAN PERATURAN DESA NO.4 TAHUN 2019 TENTANG UANG ADAT (STUDI KASUS DI DESA KOTO DUA BARU, KECAMATAN AIR HANGAT BARAT, KABUPATEN KERINCI) <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>The purpose of this study is to describe the implementation of Village Regulation No. 4 of 2019 concerning Traditional Money in Koto Dua Baru Village, Air Hangat Barat District, Kerinci Regency. This research is a qualitative research using descriptive method. The results of this study indicate that the implementation of village regulations regarding customary money has not been carried out optimally because there are regulatory violations committed by the community and there are obstacles in the implementation of Village Regulation No. 4 of 2019 concerning Customary Money in Koto Dua Baru Village, Air Hangat Barat District, Kerinci Regency.</em></p> Pradekal Ilhamdi Irzal Anderson Dona Sariani ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 14 1 124 132 10.47200/aoej.v14i1.1367 PENGARUH PENGGUNAAN APLIKASI QUIZIZZ SEBAGAI ALAT EVALUASI PEMBELAJARAN FISIKA <p style="text-align: justify;">The purpose of this study is to describe the implementation of Village Regulation No. 4 of 2019 concerning Traditional Money in Koto Dua Baru Village, Air Hangat Barat District, Kerinci Regency. This research is a qualitative research using descriptive method. The results of this study indicate that the implementation of village regulations regarding customary money has not been carried out optimally because there are regulatory violations committed by the community and there are obstacles in the implementation of Village Regulation No. 4 of 2019 concerning Customary Money in Koto Dua Baru Village, Air Hangat Barat District, Kerinci Regency.</p> Rudi Haryadi Riza Nurmala ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 14 1 133 141 10.47200/aoej.v14i1.1371 PELAKSANAAN PENGAWASAN PADA PEDAGANG KAKI LIMA OLEH PEMERINTAH KOTA SURAKARTA TERHADAP MAKANAN STREET FOOD SEBAGAI UPAYA MEWUJUDKAN PEMENUHAN HAK-HAK KONSUMEN <p style="text-align: justify;">Street vendors are one of the business actors who are sought after by the public, especially those who sell or provide street food. In the city of Surakarta, street vendors are much sought after by both domestic and foreign tourists because the city of Surakarta is known for its culinary tours which serve typical Solo food. In the arrangement of street vendors, the city of Surakarta has made Regional Regulation No. 3 of 2008 concerning Management of street vendors. The problem to be studied is regarding the implementation of supervision on street vendors by the Surakarta city government. This research is a normative research using a statutory approach (statute approach) accompanied by the results of interviews with the Department of Industry and Trade and the Health Office of Surakarta City. Based on the results of the research that the rights that have been regulated in UUPK must be fulfilled to guarantee the safety and health standards of the food. Especially fulfilling the right to comfort, security and safety in consuming goods and/or services, in this case, is "street food". And the implementation of supervision of street vendors by the Surakarta city government has not been carried out routinely or periodically. For this, it is necessary to have direct and periodic supervision by the Surakarta city government so that consumer rights are fulfilled in terms of safety and health.</p> Purwono Sungkowo Raharjo Rosita Candrakirana Solichah Novyana Putri ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 14 1 142 154 10.47200/aoej.v14i1.1384 KOMPETENSI LITERASI DIGITAL SISWA DALAM PEMBELAJARAN DARING DI SMP NEGERI 2 KABANJAHE <p><em>This study aims to describe the skills and abilities of students in using digital media and to find out the obstacles experienced by students as well as the efforts made by teachers in improving skills in online learning. This research uses desciptive qualitative method. It applies the observation, and interviews to get the data. The result shows that: the use of digital media in SMP Negeri 2 Kabanjahe includes the ability to connect in online learning, the ability to communicate in online learning and the ability to do and submit the assignments in online learning. Evaluation of information content includes a student's ability to think critically and provide an assessment of what is found online accompanied by the ability to identify the validity and completeness of information</em><em>.</em><em> Producing information content includes the ability to produce or create content such as Facebook, writing on a blog or website, create video clips using images or audio, or other forms of content.</em></p> Benediktus Benteng Kurniadi Pranata Bukit Melina Tamba Elita Modesta Br Sembiring ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 14 1 155 170 10.47200/aoej.v14i1.1377