AoEJ: Academy of Education Journal
Vol. 14 No 2 Tahun 2023
NEGERI 1 LAHEWA IN 2022/2023
Theodora Vinta Sukartini Nazara
Elwin Piarawan Zebua
Trisman Harefa
Tahir Harefa
1, 2, 3, 4
Undergraduate Thesis, Universitas Nias
Jl. Yos Sudarso,Ombalata Ulu, Kota Gunungsitoli, Sumatera Utara 22812
Membaca adalah proses mendapatkan ide dari teks. Pemahaman membaca berarti memahami apa
yang telah dibaca dan itu tergantung pada proses berpikir aktif. Terdapat beberapa permasalahan
yang dihadapi siswa dalam pemahaman membaca di Kelas VIII SMP Negeri 1 Lahewa, salah
satunya adalah Siswa mempunyai masalah dalam memahami keterampilan membaca mereka. Oleh
karena itu, untuk mengatasi hal tersebut, peneliti melakukan penelitian dengan menggunakan
strategi Listen-Read-Discuss. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk Meningkatkan Pemahaman
Membaca Siswa melalui Listen-Read-Discuss (LRD) Strategi Pada Kelas VIII SMP Negeri 1
Lahewa Tahun 2022/2023. Hasil belajar dilihat dari nilai rata-rata siswa dari lembar evaluasi tes.
Terdapat 3 siswa (10%) termasuk dalam tingkat gagal, 3 siswa (10%) termasuk dalam tingkat
kurang, 11 siswa (36%) termasuk dalam tingkat cukup, 4 siswa (13%) termasuk dalam kategori
baik dan 9 siswa (10%) termasuk dalam tingkat cukup siswa (30%) termasuk dalam kategori sangat
baik. Pada Siklus II kemampuan siswa meningkat. Tidak ada siswa yang dikategorikan gagal dan
kurang. Nilai tertinggi 100 dan nilai terendah 75. Terdapat 1 siswa (3%) “tingkat cukup”. 4 siswa
(13%) berada pada “tingkat baik”, dan 25 siswa (83%) berada pada “tingkat sangat baik”. Dari
hasil penelitian dapat disimpulkan bahwa Strategi Mendengar-Baca-Diskusi meningkatkan
pemahaman membaca di Kelas VIII SMP Negeri 1 Lahewa tahun 2022/2023.
Kata Kunci: Pemahaman Membaca, Listen-Read-Discuss Strategy, Penelitian Tindakan Kelas
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 CC BY-SA International License.
Reading is the process of getting ideas from texts. Reading comprehension meant
understanding what had been read and it was an active thinking process that depends.
There are several problems faced by students in reading comprehension at the Eighth
Grade of SMP Negeri 1 Lahewa, one of which was have problem in comprehending skill in
their reading. Therefore, to overcome this, researcher conducted research using the
Listen-Read-Discuss strategy. The purpose of the research is to Improving the Students’
Reading Comprehension through Listen-Read-Discussion (LRD) strategy at the Eighth
Grade of SMP Negeri 1 Lahewa in 2022/2023. The results of the study were seen from the
average score of students from the test evaluation sheet. There are 3 students (10%)
included in the failed level, 3 students (10%) included in the less level, 11 students (36%)
included in the sufficient level, 4 students (13%) included in good category and 9 students
(30%) are included in the very good category. In Cycle II students' abilities increased.
There are no students who are categorized as failed and lacking. The highest score is 100
AoEJ: Academy of Education Journal
Vol. 14 No 2 Tahun 2023
and the lowest score is 75. There is 1 student (3%) "enough level". 4 students (13%) at
"good level", and 25 students (83%) at "very good level". From the results of the study it
can be concluded that the Listen-Read-Discuss Strategy improves reading comprehension
at the Eighth Grade of SMP Negeri 1 Lahewa in 2022/2023.
Keywords: Reading Comprehension, Listen-Read-Discuss Strategy, CAR
Reading was the most important skill that the students must be mastered, reading was
also very possible to acquire to be success in the school and the future life, because of
reading could increase the student critical thinking, creative and spiritual. In general,
reading is one of the four language skills, namely listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
Beside that, reading as one of the language skills has an important role for facilitating
students to learn a foreign language, in which through reading the students are expected to
be able to find the information from the text, identify the main idea, identify the explicit or
implicit from the text and understanding the purpose of the text. Students' reading skills are
an aspect of teaching reading where students are taught to be able to read texts properly
and correctly according to their abilities, reading ability is a complex matter that demands
cooperation between a numbers of abilities.
According to Terasne (2018:113), reading is the process using to get idea from text,
reading enables from people to get the information from the varieties of text, such as
written or printed information from newspaper, magazines, and brochures. In reading, not
only reading the text but also students must comprehend and understand the meaning of the
text, so students must have good reading comprehension skills. Reading comprehension
means understanding what has been read, and it is an active thinking process that depends
not only on comprehension skills but also on students' experience and prior knowledge
comprehension involves understanding vocabulary, seeing the relationship between words
and concepts, organizing ideas, recognizing ideas, recognizing authors, making judgments
and evaluating them. According to Andi (2018:15), reading comprehension also
understanding what has been read. It is an active thinking process that depend not only
comprehension skill but also the students experience and prior knowledge comprehension
involves understanding vocabulary, seeing the relationship among words and concepts,
making judgment and evaluating. So, reading comprehension is very important for
students, if students do not understand what they read they cannot capture the meaning of
the text.
AoEJ: Academy of Education Journal
Vol. 14 No 2 Tahun 2023
Based on syllabus of 2013 curriculum that is used in SMP Negeri 1 Lahewa,
particularly in the eighth grade, the core competencies was understand, apply, analyze
factual, conceptual, procedural, and metacognitive knowledge based on curiosity about
science, technology, arts, culture, and humanities with humanity, nationality, statehood,
and civilization related to the causes of phenomena and events and apply procedural
knowledge in a particular field of study according to their talents and interests to solve
problems. The basic competence was that students could Compose oral and written recount
texts, very short and simple, related to personal experiences in the past (personal recount),
taking into account social functions, text structure, and linguistic elements, correctly and in
context. The Indicators based on the syllabus were knowing social functions, text
structures, and linguistic elements In teaching reading students are required to be able to
understand the text well. To achieve the target in the school syllabus, the Minimum
Competency Criteria (MCC) for English subjects is 70. So, the student can be said to be
successful if the student get a minimum score of 70.
Based on researcher’s observations at the eighth grade of SMP Negeri 1 Lahewa, the
researcher found the problems faced by students at the schools were the students’ reading
is still low and then the students’ have problem in comprehending skill in their reading and
the students’ have difficult in aspects comprehending reading and also the strategy used by
the teacher was not suitable to improve the students’ reading comprehension. Another
problem that also existed was that students could not identify the main ideas and they
could not conclude topics and they find it difficult to found important points from the text.
This meant that students' comprehend is lacking and students' reading comprehension was
not increasing as well as students' lack of motivation in reading. Sometimes the strategies
used by teacher did not affect students in learning. The problems that occur can be
influenced by several factors, the first is the internal factor found in students, namely the
lack of student motivation to read, where motivation is one of the important learning
factors in reading comprehension, then the lack of self-actualization, is one of the basic
physical needs where students have the feeling to create and improve their reading ability
to be the best. Second are external factors, namely the influence of the school environment
which is sometimes not supportive, then the lack of reading culture in the school
environment and schools which sometimes do not have a special place for reading other
than the library, and the role of the library which is less than optimal.
AoEJ: Academy of Education Journal
Vol. 14 No 2 Tahun 2023
Based on the problems above, the researcher wanted to solve the problem by using
the Listen-Read-Discuss strategy. Listen-Read-Discuss strategy is the right strategy in
solving some of the students' problems about reading comprehension. According to Irma
(2019: 14), the Listen-Read-Discuss strategy is very effective and the better for improving
students' reading comprehension skills because in implementing this strategy it involves
students actively in learning. In this case the Listen-Read-Discuss strategy has its own
uniqueness where this strategy helps students to understand the material presented orally,
build students' prior knowledge before they read the text, and engage readers in discussion.
Listen-Read-Discuss strategy is very simple and flexible and can be used in all areas of the
curriculum with almost any text. According to Terasne (2018: 144), the Listen-Read-
Discuss strategy is a strategy to help students understand a text where students listen to the
teacher's explanation and read the text and discuss material in groups and discuss in class
as a whole. Discussions were believed to increase students’ creativity, where students
could express any ideas, information or experiences, and foster student communication.
The Listen-Read-Discuss strategy had three important ability elements, namely Listen-
Read-Discuss, and it also had several advantages, namely being able to build students'
reading texts, build students' knowledge before reading texts, and compare information
after they read texts. Students would be involved in class discussions that build their
understanding of the text and increase students' confidence in class discussions, by
implementing this strategy learning is more active, meaningful, effective and efficient.
Based on these facts, researcher conducted Classroom Action Research (CAR) to
improve the quality of the teaching and learning process in order to obtain better results,
especially to improve students' reading comprehension. According to Kasbolah (2020:3)
stated that, Classroom action research is an effort to improve the quality of education that
directly touches on field problems, namely problems that exist in class. Classroom Action
Research functions as a tool for solving problems that arise in the classroom and also as a
tool for in-service training, where teachers use new skills and methods and sharpen their
analytical abilities. The target of the success of the study was students had to able to
reading comprehension by using the Liten-Read-Discuss Strategy with a very good
percentage level, then the students had to able to achieve the success target by showing a
percentage of success rate of 90% of 30 students, and to achieve the target which was
stated in syllabus, the school had decided the Minimum Competence Criteria (MCC) that
70 the indicator of students’ success in reading comprehension. Activities carried out to see
AoEJ: Academy of Education Journal
Vol. 14 No 2 Tahun 2023
what percentage of students' abilities can be seen from several stages of the cycle, where
the number of cycles depends on the success achieved by students, where each cycle
consists of two meetings, then if the first cycle had shown student success then the research
would be stopped, but if still there had been no improvement continued in the second
cycle. The subject of the research was students at the Eighth Grade of SMP Negeri 1
Lahewa in 2022/2023 amounting to 30 students.
Based on the explanation above, the researcher was interested in conducting research
by choosing the title, Improving the Students’ Reading Comprehension Trough Listen-
Read-Discuss (LRD) Strategy at the Eighth Grade of SMP Negeri 1 Lahewa in 2022/2023”
In conducting the research, researcher used Classroom Action Research (CAR), the
purpose of this research is improving students’ reading comprehension. Irwandi et al
(2018) Classroom Action Research (CAR) is regarded as a form of research that is
reflective in nature by conducting certain actions in order to improve classroom learning
professionally. According Niff in Dwi Susilowati (2018) states that classroom action
research is for the improvement of learning and learning outcomes. The main purpose of
classroom action research is to improve and improve the professional services of educators
in handling the teaching and learning process. This goal can be achieved by car rying out
various alternative actions to solve learning problems. Therefore, the focus of classroom
action research lies in alternative actions planned by educators, then tried and then
evaluated whether these alternative actions can be used to solve the learning problems that
arise being faced by educators.
Researcher used LRD Strategy to take the opportunity to improving students' reading
comprehension. Classroom action research meetings are held to find out student progress
using board games. Kemis in Muhammad Djajadi in Indra Nanda et al (2021), state that
action research is a form of self-reflective research undertaken by participants in social
(including educational) situations to improve one's own practice. In doing so, a
comprehensive understanding of the practices and situations in which they are carried out
will be obtained.
The object of the action in this research was improving the students’ reading
comprehension through LRD Strategy, especially in the eighth grade of SMP Negeri 1
Lahewa in Academic Year 2022/2023. Researcher acted as facilitators, motivators and
AoEJ: Academy of Education Journal
Vol. 14 No 2 Tahun 2023
decision makers during the teaching and learning process to help, support, motivate,
facilitate and treat students in achieving teaching and learning goals.
Kurt Lewin, in Rusman (2020), action research had cycles. In one cycle consisted of
four steps namely planning, action, observation and reflection, namely:
1. Planning was the stage of the Action Research process Classes were arranged based on
preliminary studies which explain the preparation for conducting research and
implementing learning as well as observation instruments.
2. Action was the stage of implementation or implementation of action planning.
3. Observation is an activity of collecting data and information using instruments that
had been completed and estimated including external observation.
4. Reflection was an activity carried out in the form of discussion of the results of
observations. This stage was the essence of classroom action research
In this study, the research subjects were Eighth Grade students at SMP Negeri 1
Lahewa for the academic year 2022/2023. The condition of at the eighth grade of SMP
Negeri 1 Lahewa be seen in the table below:
The Total Number of Students at Eighth Grade of SMP Negeri 1 Lahewa in 2022/2023
Data collection technique are the steps that carried out in collecting data and
information during research. In this study, the data collection technique were observation,
field notes and test/evaluation sheet.
1. Observation
Observation activities were carried out by observing all activity that take place during
learning. Observing and measuring the level of success or achievement of learning.
2. Field notes
Field notes would be prepared by researchers during the process of implementing
learning activities, to make it easier to record any activities that occur during the
learning process.
AoEJ: Academy of Education Journal
Vol. 14 No 2 Tahun 2023
3. Test/evaluation sheet
Gave in the form of written questions to measure and know the ability of students and
used as an evaluation tool to assess how far the knowledge and abilities that have been
obtained by students.
The data analysis technique in this study carried out by means of qualitative and
quantitative analysis techniques. Data analysis technique are divided into two techniques as
1. Analyzing the qualitative data
Qualitative data analysis was the process of organizing, analyzing, and observing the
result of student activities during the learning process.
Obviously, the qualitative data was described by the researcher as follows: Observation
sheets are analyzed and evaluated using formulas such as those written by Irma (2019) as
(%) PD x=
2. Analyzing the Quantitative data
Quantitative data was described by the researcher as follows:
The evaluation sheet was analyzed and evaluated by printing the correct answer 1
(one), and the wrong answer 0 (zero). By using the following (Erika Tandiaongan, 2023):
Score =
x 100
Scale of Students’ Score
Very Good
AoEJ: Academy of Education Journal
Vol. 14 No 2 Tahun 2023
Research Findings
This research was conducted in two cycle, The meeting begin May to
June 2023.
a. Cycle I
Based on cycle I, the level of students' reading comprehension through Listen-Read-
Discuss Strategy can be seen from the student tests that have been carried out, the
researcher looks for student scores and grades, then looks at the percentage of students'
reading comprehension through Listen-Read-Discuss Strategy as described in the table
Table 1
The Students’ Reading Comprehension Through Listen-Read-Discuss (Lrd) Strategy At
The Eighth Grade Of Smp Negeri 1 Lahewa In Cycle 1
Percentage (%)
0 39
40 59
60 74
75 84
Very Good
The data from the table above explains that students' ability to read comprehension
using the Listen-Read-Discuss Strategy in Cycle I failed. There were 9 students (30%)
categorized into very good level, 4 students (13%) categorized into good level, 11 students
(36%) categorized into good enough level, 3 students (10%) categorized into less level,
and 3 students (10%) categorized into failure level. There were 13 students who passed the
test. The number of students who passed the Cycle I test was 45.30%. In contrast, the
number of students who did not pass the test was 17 students. This shows t